Welcome to Quintin Crye Racing

Quintin Crye is a young man of Native American decent. 

At this young age, he has already been racing over a decade. He resides in a small Northern town of California called Gridley. There he was raised by this family that had passion for motorsports.

His Father, a drag racer, had influenced Quintin at a young age of not only going fast, but the dynamics of the business and responsibilities of a driver.

Since 1996, Quintin has more than 25 Feature event wins to his credit. He has more than 105 top 5’ with more than 146 top 10’s. He has a Track Championship to his list of accomplishments as well as 2 Rookie of the year honors. Quintin’s first one in 2003 and one in 2007 as the USAC midget Rookie of the year.